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 Warranty Assessment


Product Assessment

Once proof of purchase has been established, the available remedy will depend on whether the fault amounts to a major failure. In most cases, we will need to consult with the manufacturer or repair agent to determine the fault and resolution.

The manufacturer or their agent will determine whether a product has incurred a major or minor fault. Where a product has been sent to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will determine whether:

  1. There is no fault found
  2. There is a minor fault which can be easily repaired within a reasonable time frame
  3. There is a major fault found and the customer is to be offered a repair, replacement or a refund
  4. The product has been damaged or abused such as through misuse.

Where there is no manufacturing fault found, the product will be returned to the Store to be returned to the customer.

Where the manufacturer's assessment finds that there is no fault with the goods, or that the goods have been damaged due to misuse or abnormal use of the goods by you, we may require, at our option, that you compensate us for any fee imposed on us by the manufacturer or other costs including freight in relation to this assessment.

When we send your product to the manufacturer or their repair agent, we will ask them to assess the product and provide their assessment within a reasonable time frame.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund or exchange where the product has sustained damage due to abnormal use, whether that has been identified by us, the manufacturer or repair agent.

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